Yoga  Om  -  Flowing  Lotus                

Yoga Om - Flowing Lotus

Yoga Om - Flowing Lotus 
Classes @ Moriac Studio

Class Descriptions

Note :  Classes run to specified Term Dates, Conditions Apply

Options are provided  in all classes - because everybody is not the same, one class does not fit all bodies & levels of fitness, one movement is not the same for all of us, so many  variables make our experience what it is for each of us
we are all unique!

TriYoga's systematisation provides a wonderful way to learn at your own pace 
beginning with the Basics
using props (blocks, straps & bolsters) where needed,  for each movement and yoga flow there 

are so many ways to use props!

At Moriac Studio:  Yoga mats, blocks, straps & bolsters are provided

At Hamlyn Heights: Yoga mats, blocks & straps are provided

Students are requested to bring a small cushion & blanket

for deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) at class end