Yoga Om - Flowing Lotus Yoga Om - Flowing Lotus Marianne Goble Diploma of Yoga TriYoga® Accredited Basics & Level 1 Currently undertaking Level 2 Internship BA Recreation (VUT) Assoc Dip Applied Science (VUT) 179471141 Blocks and Straps Props are used in class to assist alignment and comfort. Available for purchase 179471146 Sticky Yoga Mats Please bring a yoga mat to class. Option: Mats are available for purchase 179471147 Yoga strap Available for purchase. 179520851 Pregnancy a special journey 179471144 Yoga is for everyone! 179471149 Corporate Yoga Available 179471148 Practice yoga at work 179520847 Yoga for Cyclists 179520848 Seniors a gentle practice 179520849 Yoga means union Balance in all things! 179520852 Yoga brings balance to our lives 179520850 Lotus Flower 179471142 179471143 179520853