Equipment Equipment Yoga Mats Class Safety: only "sticky" yoga mats may be used in class. Mats are available for purchase $30.00 179934752 Blocks and Straps Props: Foam Blocks and Straps are used in class to assist alignment. Available for purchase $30.00 (2 blocks) 179934753 Yoga Strap Available for purchase $15.00. 179934754 Jala Neti Pots Purchase a Neti Pot available in classes..........$15.00 (white only) NETI POT USES: 1) Helps relieve congestion and symptoms of sinusitis, sinus infection. 2) Helps reduce congestion and cleans impurities caused by cold and flu. 3) Flushes nasal cavities of pollens, dust mites and microbes which can contribute to allergies and hayfever. 4) Cleanses airways in preparation for Yoga Pranayama. 5) Purifies the Nadis (subtle energy channels). 6) According to Ayurvedic medicine, jala neti corrects Kapha imbalances by providing needed lubrication. Note: New to this practice - use only a few grains of salt to begin with (I use organic salt), and tepid filtered water, nasal passages are very sensitive to heat - begin slowly and carefully! 179934751