TriYoga - A Complete Hatha Yoga - Did you Know? TriYoga - A Complete Hatha Yoga - Did you Know? Kaliji, Founder TriYoga 180958113 Breathe 188306987 Breath Prana means "breath" or "energy" it creates our life force. All classes include breath focus. 180958116 Sun Moon Breath Focus the breath and the mind will follow! 180958118 Breath Focus 180958114 The Shoulder Joint Classes provide a balance to our practise both stretching and strengthening movements are included. 188306991 Be Strong & Stretch 180958111 Stretch & Move Experience "Relaxation in Action" as you strengthen mind and body 180958117 The Hip Joint - Strengthen & Protect 184594372 The Spine Experience TriYoga's wave like movements. 188306978 TriYoga Flows Classes include simple postures (asana) including leg stretch and runner, blocks & straps are used to assist students to participate in comfort. 188306985 Kaliji - Founder TriYoga Demonstrates Runner. Options: to use blocks to support posture are provided. All bodies are not the same, sometimes a little modification make so much difference! 188306986 The Ankle Joint - Strengthen & Move 184594373 The Relaxation Response - Reduce Stress Medical Research 184594093 Yoga Nidra - Deep Relaxation 184594371 The Relaxation Response, Yoga and our Genes 188306988 Laughter & Sense of Humor, healers within! Laugh often, live long! 188306990 Namate, Kaliji - Salutation Mudra 188306989